Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the specialized services that are offered through Heddy Finds Homes during your transition to Milwaukee?
By allowing Heddy Finds Homes to organize, research and schedule appointments, we provide substantial savings in time and cost to our Clients, improve search efficiency and reduce stress. We provide customized home finding searches that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This allows you to make the right purchase or leasing decision quickly.

Can Heddy Finds Homes research and make recommendations for flexible, short term leases, and interim extended stay options?
Many Apartment communities do offer short term leases. There is often a monthly premium attached for this flexibility. Heddy Finds Homes can also help find temporary housing, both furnished and unfurnished, including short term options according to your wishes.

Is it possible to include a “Lease Break Clause” as a Lease Option?
Landlords do not have to allow a lease break option, but it is not an unusual request. Most Apartment Communities do have some form of a 60-90 day lease break clause in their standard written leases. There can be black-out months when lease breaks are not permitted. Heddy Finds Homes offers an informed, educated approach to negotiating all leasing options.

Does Heddy Finds Homes provide Settling-In Relocation Services for International Transferees?
If you are moving to the Milwaukee metro area from another Country, Heddy Finds Homes offers settling-in services in addition to our home finding services. These often include school, banking and social security office visits. Settling-in services are customized to the specific needs of the Customer.

Does Heddy Finds Homes provide Community Orientations?
Heddy Finds Homes provides orientation tours to highlight Community schools, commercial, arts and entertainment areas. Our orientations are designed to help new residents “find their way around town”, and to become familiar with the surrounding areas and their distinct features.

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How can we obtain public and private school district rankings? 

Click now to visit my Realtor® website for the most current public and private school information and statistics.

Will Heddy Finds Homes search for and find Rental Properties that are pet friendly?
Yes. Many properties are pet friendly. There can be breed and size restrictions, and other properties may limit the number of pets. Some properties may allow cats, but not dogs. Often there is an additional deposit required, and most apartment communities charge a monthly pet fee.

What different responsibilities do Single Family and Duplex Residents have apart from Apartment and Condominium Community Residents?
The terms for single family homes, duplexes and condominiums will vary by property.
If you wish to avoid doing snow removal and lawn care, then a condominium is a good choice.
Duplex residents share outdoor spaces, and can be required to manage snow removal and lawn care. Sometimes the Landlord/Owner will take care of one or both duties.
Single family home residents can expect to be responsible for snow removal and lawn care. If desired, professional services are available to help with these responsibilities.

Are we vulnerable to potential rental scams?
Customers need to be wary, and not allow themselves to fall prey to rental scammers.
Rental scammers often represent themselves as property managers or rental agents, or by misrepresenting homeowners by marketing a property that is actually for sale, or not on the market for rental or sale at all.
Other tell-tale signs include posting on-line ads that ask for deposits not typical to local leasing practices, or that applications and deposits be sent outside of Wisconsin, or outside the United States.